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Litigation funder backs Dilworth sex abuse class action

NBR, 24 June 2021

It is so appalled by the abuse, that it is supporting the Dilworth survivors’ action for nothing, LPF says.

Litigation funder LPF Group is backing a class action being brought by Dilworth School sexual abuse survivors.

Survivor Neil Harding and another claimant known as HS have filed a complaint with the Human Rights Commission against the Auckland school for failing to protect students from systemic sexual abuse between 1970 and 2006.

The action is on behalf of all victims, Harding said.

“As early as the 1970s, Dilworth School knew vulnerable young boys in its care were being sexually abused by staff and others in positions of power, yet the school failed to stop the abuse from happening, allowing it to continue for over 30 years,” he said.

LPF Group director Phil Newland said the litigation funder had got involved because it was appalled by the reports of abuse and felt it couldn’t stand by.

“I was watching a news item about one of the prosecutions in relation to the case, my kids were with me on the sofa and, frankly, I was brought to tears about what had gone on.

“The rest followed.”

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