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Privately owned LPF Group Limited was founded in 2009 by Director Phil Newland and is New Zealand’s pre-eminent and most experienced litigation funder.   



LPF Group is a well-established part of New Zealand's legal landscape. Being locally owned enables the team to have in-depth understanding of the legal, regulatory and financial environment and facilitate effective litigation to the highest standards. 


LPF Group believes that the principles underpinning litigation funding – justice, accountability and deterrence - support strong public confidence in our regulatory, corporate and financial markets.


The LPF Group team work with the very best lawyers and experts to assess the merits and legal basis of each potential case.  LPF Group only funds deserving cases with a strong legal foundation. 


LPF Group invests in a diverse range of civil litigation cases, principally in New Zealand.

 “LPF Group was established to level the playing field. It provides a way for people who have suffered financial losses and wouldn't otherwise have access to justice to have the ability to recover some of those losses and hold those in positions of trust and responsibility to account for their actions.”

Phil Newland, LPF Group founder


Some of the types of cases LPF funds include:

  • Insolvency, including actions against directors, preferences, professional advisors, auditors and insurers


  • Commercial, including contractual disputes, breach of warranties, IP matters and misleading conduct


  • Building and Structural claims, including building warranties, breach of duties, weather tightness issues and insurance claims

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