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Litigation Funding

Supporting accountability and access to justice

LPF Group offers litigation funding to support cases with a strong legal basis, enabling those who have suffered financial losses to access justice, and to hold those who have done wrong to account for their actions.

Accountability through the courts is an integral part of our legal system.  It acts as a powerful deterrent to ensure company directors, professional advisors, and regulatory agencies operate to the highest standards of conduct.  It also supports public confidence in our financial, regulatory and corporate environment.


However, litigation is uncertain, very expensive, and lengthy, and out of reach for most people who have suffered significant financial losses when those in positions of trust and responsibility fail to meet those standards.   

At LPF Group, we are well-resourced to investigate and progress deserving cases and to ensure the very best legal and professional support for every action we fund.

If you don’t win, we don’t get paid.




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